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Ron Spaulding and Riccardo Ball

Ron and Riccardo or the astute and the hirsute, the hosts of Raging with Ron and Riccardo introduce themselves and talk about their backgrounds and why the hell they’re doing this!

Wendy Day - Rap Coalition

Wendy is the founder of Rap Coalition, a not for profit organization that helps artists navigate the music industry in a more advantageous way,

Jacqueline Rhinehart - Organic Soul Marketing

She is the author of “My Organic Soul From Plato to Creflo Emerson to MLK, Jesus to Jay-Z, A Journal to Help You Discover Yourself Through the Words of Wisdom from Visionaries Past and Present” from Random House/Broadway Books.

Duffy Rich - King of Reality TV Production

Duffy Rich is the King of Reality TV production with franchises like Survivor, Master Chef, The Amazing Race, Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word.  Duffy joined us to talk his approach to staying fit, revitalised and energised

Kim Garner - Transformative Business Life Coach

Kim is also a renowned developer of creators and leaders through exercising the emotional intelligence of her clients and stretching them past their comfort zones.  Kim joined us to talk about her work helping young girls and women find and exercise their voices and broaden their options.

Dr. Dana Cheng - Senior Editor Epoch Times

Dr Cheng is a co-founder and Senior Editor of China News for the Epoch Times newspaper and a holds a PhD in Physics and joined us to talk about Covid-19, what she believes is misinformation coming out of China and why the CCP can’t be trusted.     www.TheEpochTimes.com

Dan Cotter - Howard & Howard Attorneys

Dan Cotter is an attorney with Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC in Chicago and his father was a cop in the same city so he’s been in and around the law and law enforcement most of his life. Dan joined us to talk about everything from Qualified Immunity, what it means and how it works in regards to the Police shootings that have been making the news through to reopening a city like Chicago post a pandemic lockdown.

Doug Klotz - PsoriaFIX

Doug Klotz – He’s a graduate of the US Navy Nuclear Submarine programme, studied Astro-Physics at Berkley and he’s had 20 years at the forefront of the Silicon Valley Software and High Technology industry. His company is PsoriaFIX he used science to cure himself of a lifetime of psoriasis that at one point covered 75 percent of his body. Doug’s passion is health and people owning theirs and not falling back on what Doug has dubbed 3rd party apathy

Tangela Hamilton

Joanna Walden

Tangela Hamilton is a woman of many talents, a singer, actress, writer and entrepreneur. She has recently invented her own card game “Bitch, you Lyin'” and written a book called “How to Make a Kick Ass Card Game”. This super talented lady joined us to talk about her creativity, her passions and how she came to find out she was related to George Floyd.



Joanna Walden is a Consciousness Visionary, Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author of The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown. Joanna spent twenty years working in a high flying advertising career in New York, London & Melbourne while secretly exploring her passion for the unseen world of energy, spirit and consciousness. Inspired by a series of mystical experiences in her teenage years Joanna explored everything from Transcendental Meditation to quantum physics on a global quest to find her purpose and ultimately her true self, through a process of self-realisation.

Sass Jordan

Sass has a passion for exploring anything that expands and adds to her love of life – including people, music and unseen realms!
There are very few female singers used as an example to describe a sound/style, but Sass Jordan is one of them. A pioneer of female-fronted rock, she is known for her powerful, gritty, blues-infused rock and roll as well as crowd-pleasing performances, and has received a JUNO award and multiple nominations for ‘Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year” and “Best Female Vocalist” respectively. Having sold over one million records worldwide, the raspy vocals of this rock and blues sensation are unmistakable and command attention—she has worked alongside fellow rock greats like Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, AC/DC and Van Halen, among a great many others.